About Us
Hebrew experience for children

An exciting and enjoyable after-school programme for Hebrew speaking children.

Our goal: Enrichment of the Hebrew language and Jewish tradition in exciting and enjoyable ways, revolving around the Jewish year cycle.

Our programme: The programme comprises of a Hebrew reading and writing lesson, taught by a qualified and highly experienced teacher, who specializes in teaching through playful activities and educational games. The second part of the programme entails a session which revolves around the Jewish year cycle, and includes exciting, visually-appealing and engaging activities which always leave the children happy and waiting for more.

Our programme during COVID-19: The programme has been altered and adapted, and is now being delivered via Zoom four days a week, from Monday to Thursday, and includes a variety of engaging activities that children can do from home.
Monday: playful games and activities in Hebrew
Tuesday: arts and crafts
Wednesday: exciting virtual activities revolving around tradition and holidays
Thursday: cooking and baking